First things first. Hello world!

Welcome to my website! Hope you enjoy the look of it! For my first post, I'll briefly explain what my site is all about!

Essentially, it is a catalog for all my personal work. Before this, all my work was scattered everywhere, from crappy photos on my phone to old hard disks backed up in some nondescript folder on my computer. I have considered many times to publish it all on a social media platform, but my concerns have always been as follows:

  • The speed at which platforms rise and fall from popularity.
  • Dealing with ever changing Terms of Services that can ruin accounts over night.
  • Practically agreeing to give away all my user data.
  • Limited content types, presentation methods and file formats.
  • If the platform dies, all the work will be lost!

Since I started learning web development just over a year ago, I have been hooked on the idea of hosting all my work on my own domain, and as the word implies, I get to have full control over everything! So with determination and will, I present to you hosted on my Raspberry-Pi 4!

Concept artwork of the fictional city of Anthropolis